COVID-era classroom
COVID-era classroom iStock

According to a new poll conducted by Prof. Kamil Fuchs for Channel 13 News, 52% of the Israeli population believes that it is unnecessary to impose a national lockdown during the upcoming High Holidays.

35% of those polled disagreed and thought that a lockdown was called-for; the remaining 13% were unsure.

Asked to rate the performance of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in managing the coronavirus epidemic, 35% responded that they were extremely unhappy with his management of the situation. A further 20% of respondents were not particularly satisfied with Bennett’s management. 27% of those polled stated that they were reasonably satisfied with the Prime Minister’s management, 6% were extremely satisfied, and 12% were unsure how to respond.

Asked to comment on the recent comment of Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked that the country would have to learn “how to absorb” coronavirus deaths, 57% said that it had been “an unfortunate choice of words.” 26% said that the statement was reasonable and justified, and 17% were unsure.

Another question asked respondents to compare the handling of the situation on the part of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. 45% of respondents felt that Netanyahu had done a better job, as opposed to just 26% who thought that Bennett was doing a better job. 29% were undecided.

Respondents were then asked whether they thought the start of the new academic year should be pushed off until after the High Holidays and the festival of Sukkot, or whether studies should start on time. 50% responded that the new academic year should start after the festivals, as opposed to 41% who thought that studies should start on time, on September 1.

On the question as to whether the Covid-19 vaccine should be offered on school premises, 59% supported the idea versus 29% who opposed it.

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