MK Tibi's interaction with the soldier
MK Tibi's interaction with the soldierKnesset Channel

MK Orit Struck (of the Religious Zionism party) responded to the violence perpetrated by MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint List) against an IDF soldier who secured his visit to Hebron.

MK Tibi had screamed and raged after a Golani soldier's hand touched his body during a patrol in Hebron last Saturday. Tibi later claimed that the soldier had deliberately touched him to provoke him and that all he did was remove the soldier's hand.

"MK Ahmad Tibi was violent towards an IDF soldier," said MK Struck. "I expect the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister not to remain silent about the dignity of an IDF soldier and to file a criminal complaint against Ahmad Tibi for acting violently towards an IDF soldier."

MK Struck added: "The person who accompanied the Knesset members of the Joint List on their tour of Hebron is the mayor of Hebron. The mayor of Hebron is a convicted murderer. He himself murdered six Jews at the entrance to Beit Hadassah in 1980."

"He was caught, convicted, sat in jail for only two years and released in the Jibril deal. When he was elected mayor of Hebron he was elected on the basis of the fact that he boasted of this murder he committed. To this day he has not apologized; in fact, he continues to boast of this murder."

"Now that we are seeing the Knesset members of the Joint List walking together with this killer on the streets of Hebron, hugging him, helping him, glorifying him - I ask a simple question to coalition chairman MK Idit Silman: These are the people you are going to cooperate with in passing the budget?" MK Struck concluded.