Wedding hall (illustrative)
Wedding hall (illustrative)Flash 90

The new guidelines for event halls, clubs, and conferences went into effect Wednesday morning at midnight.

The guidelines, known colloquially as the "Happy Pass" or "celebration permit," apply to events in enclosed spaces, if there are over 100 attendees. Events which take place partly in the open air and partly indoors will be required to adhere to the rules for indoor events.

In addition, every public place and business, including those which do not operate in accordance with the "Green Pass," are prohibited from allowing entry or providing service to those who do not wear masks, and are required to prominently display signs regarding the requirement to wear masks. In addition, those places which have a loudspeaker system are required to announce the mask requirement via the loudspeaker.

Negative coronavirus tests for Green Pass purposes must be performed within 72 hours of entrance to a location; rapid tests will be valid for 24 hours.

Those businesses and venues operating according to the Green Pass will be required to appoint a coronavirus supervisor, check the guests' certificates and identity cards, and place signs informing visitors of the Green Pass requirement. Any place which requires guests to pre-register must inform them ahead of time that they will be required to show a Green Pass or negative test.

A person who is not vaccinated or recovered who enters a place operating according to the Green Pass will be fined 1,000 shekel ($303), and a place which should operate according to the Green Pass and does not check certificates or ask to see a negative test will be fined up to 10,000 shekel ($3038).

In addition, businesses which operate according to the Green Pass but do not place a sign at the entrance regarding the requirement to present either a Green Pass or a negative coronavirus test will be fined 3,000 shekel ($911). Businesses and public places which do not enforce the mask requirement, or which do not place signs informing visitors of the requirement to wear masks, will be fined 1,000 shekel ($303).