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A new coronavirus variant, the "Delta Plus," has raised concerns among Israeli health officials, N12 reported.

According to the report, four cases of the new variant have been identified in Israel.

The cases are now being followed, and an in-depth epidemiological investigation of the chains of infection is ongoing.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was announced that the World Health Organization (WHO) added the LAMBDA variant to the official list of coronavirus variants. LAMBDA has been identified in 29 countries and is estimated to be responsible for 82% of new coronavirus infections in Peru, as well as nearly one-third of infections in Chile.

The WHO has declared LAMBDA to be a global health threat, due to concerns that the mutation will influence how infections are spread, as well as the amount of damage it does to patients.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is weighing reinstating coronavirus restrictions due to the rising infection rate and the increase in serious cases.

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