Italian media published on Wednesday video footage of the deadly cable car disaster which occurred in northern Italy about three weeks ago.

14 people were killed in the accident, including five Israelis, all from the the same family.

The documentation shows the cable car advancing up the mountain, stopping, disconnecting from one of the cables to which it was connected and beginning to violently swing down the mountain before disconnecting from the line entirely and falling dozens of feet to the ground.

Meanwhile, the condition of 5-year-old Eitan Biran, who was seriously injured in the incident, continues to improve. Eitan was the sole survivor of the disaster. He lost his parents Amit Biran, 30, and Tal Peleg-Biran, 26, as well as his 2-year-old brother, Tom. Eitan's grandparents, Barbaria Cohen, 71, and Yitzhak Cohen, 81, also died in the accident. They were visiting their family in Italy in order to escape the Hamas rocket barrages at Tel Aviv over the previous two weeks.

Eitan was released from the hospital on Thursday.

The police in Italy have arrested three suspects - the director of the company which operates the cable car site, the business director and the head of the engineering department who told investigators: "it's all my fault. I will settle my account with G-d."