The haredi parties
The haredi partiesHezki Baruch

The Knesset's Ashkenazic-haredi United Torah Judaism (UTJ) and Sephardic-haredi Shas parties on Monday held emergency meetings to discuss the basic principles under which they will operate as part of the opposition.

One of the decisions made was that the parties will not cooperate with an initiative to create "advisers for haredi issues" who would be employed by the current leadership.

A report published Tuesday morning by haredi newspapers read that "during the meeting, it was decided that none of the parties' members will cooperate with any action, whether direct or indirect, with any haredi adviser who works with the government's ministries and ministers, in order to advance their plans within haredi society which are aimed at dividing the haredi camp."

"We will not allow the accusers to cause conflict and divide us by means of deception, excuses, and various explanations, as if their intention is to worry about the G-d-fearing public," the Shas and UTJ MKs were quoted as saying.

"Members of the haredi parties harshly criticized the continuation of this fraudulent process and deception by members of the government of wickedness, who are trying to disperse false promises, that they will supposedly take care of the haredi public and what is close to its heart."