Amichai Chikli
Amichai Chikli Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

MK Amichai Chikli (Yamina) on Monday attended a meeting of the Knesset's Special Committee on Arab Society Affairs, sending a message to Israeli Arabs.

Speaking to United Arab List (Ra'am) chief MK Mansour Abbas, Chikli said that the path he leads is one which will mark a path "of mutual respect" for future relations.

"We did not demand that Israeli Arabs be Zionists. But we did request a pragmatic voice, one of respect. In the Arab leadership, there are also those who fulfill a destructive, nationalist, radical Palestinian role, such as [MK Sami] Abou Shahadeh (Joint Arab List) and MK Ayman Odeh (Joint Arab List). A Knesset member who calls on youths to fly enemy flags on the city walls - that is not a call that we will make peace with.

"We know what the meaning of, 'Kheibar al-Yehud' is," Chikli added, referring to a war call in which the massacre of Kheiber, during which 600 Jews were murdered, is recalled.

"These difficult events - burning synagogues, lynchings - these are very serious events. It is impossible to integrate the Arab population when significant portions of that sector identify fully with the enemy. That's unthinkable."

"The Committee needs to deal with tough issues, as well as law enforcement and the collection of illegal weapons. Enforcement must be equal. We know what happens in the Negev." he added. "The ones who will benefit from this are the Arab youths, who will be able to become an integral and thriving part of society."

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