Sarah Silverman
Sarah SilvermanReuters

Often times controversial comedian Sarah Silverman is coming under fire from Jews on social media for a Wednesday post in which she distanced all diaspora Jews from Israel and referred to the Israeli government with a swear word.

“Jews in the diaspora need allies. WE ARE NOT ISRAEL. And we sure as f*** aren’t the Israeli government,” Silverman tweeted.

Her tweet was in response to a tweet by Jewish journalist Eve Barlow noting the seeming lack of concern by the general public and media after the Tuesday evening mob attack on a group of Jews at Sushi Fumi restaurant in Los Angeles.

“A group of Jews got jumped at Sushi Fumi on La Cienega tonight while eating outside. Who cares, right?” Barlow tweeted.

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum replied to Silverman’s post by reassuring her that Israel will still save her if she needs its help even if she doesn’t support the Jewish State.

“Jews in the diaspora have always needed allies Sarah Silverman. The thing is they never came in time to save us but now we’re back in our own country #Israel you don’t have to worry your woke little head we will save your butt if you ever need us to even if you don’t like the govt,” she tweeted.”

Other notable Jewish voices chimed in as well.

Talk show host and political commentator Dave Rubin tweeted, “@SarahKSilverman They’ll still come for you and your family one day too Sarah. Try a history book. Or pander harder it could buy you an extra day or so…”

Human Right Lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky asked Silverman if she thought there was a justification for beating up random Jews at a restaurant because they support Israel.

“But if you are proudly Zionist, or heaven forbid, wave an Israeli flag, it’s ok to get beaten up waiting in line for salmon sushi roll?” He asked her. Silverman did not respond.