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Israel has had relatively pleasant weather this week, but the upcoming Lag Ba'omer holiday, which falls Thursday night and Friday, is expected to be hot and dry.

Lag Ba'omer is the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, also known by the acronym Rashbi, who is the author of the Zohar and the father of kabbalah. It is traditionally a day of celebration.

Tuesday's weather will be cool. During the morning hours, the skies will be cloudy and there may be light rainfall in northern Israel, but during the afternoon, temperatures will rise to seasonal average, Meteo-Tech reported.

Wednesday will be clear, with temperatures rising to above seasonal average, especially inland and in the mountains.

Thursday will see an additional rise in temperatures, and the weather will be unseasonably hot and dry. Temperatures will drop somewhat after nightfall.

Friday will be hot and dry, and there may be a heat wave in southern Israel and the eastern valleys.

Meanwhile, the Water Authority reported that the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) lost one centimeter of water between Monday and Tuesday. The lake's water level currently stands at 209.135 meters below sea level, and 33.5 centimeters (13.19") below the upper red line signaling maximum capacity.

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