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Residents of a Newport Beach, California neighborhood were shocked on Sunday morning when they received flyers promoting Ku Klux Klan propaganda, reported ABC7 Eyewitness News.

Ziplocks bags containing the racist flyers and along with a rock were delivered to the Newport Heights community early that morning.

Newport Beach is located in Orange County, which has a large Jewish population of between 80,000 and 100,000.

The racist paper advertisement listed a website for the white supremacist group along with an Iowa phone number and info for a podcast. Beneath the slogans, “100% Americanism” and “Pray for White Americans in 2021” written in all capitals, an appeal to call the KKK chapter’s office was given with a second local phone number.

Olivia Slutzky told ABC7 that her husband found the KKK flyer outside their house.

"I'm surprised my husband actually threw it away. I think it would be a worthy conversation to have at the table and to discuss how this could happen and what (my children’s) reaction is to it," Slutzky said.

Slutzky, who is Jewish, said this wasn’t the only white supremacist incident in the area in recent times. A few years earlier, she and her family had a discussion about a photo taken at a local high school party. In the photo, there were red plastic cups arranged in the shape of a swastika and students giving Nazi salutes.

Residents said that the flyers were also discovered in nearby Eastside Costa Mesa.

Reportedly, the flyers were found at dozens of homes. A spokesperson for the Newport Beach Police Department told ABC7 that an investigation has been opened.

"To think that there are people in our neighborhood that are not only maybe even secretly in support of it, but obviously openly supporting a group like this is hard for me to reconcile as an American and a human," Slutzky said.