Ron Huldai
Ron HuldaiMiriam Alster/Flash 90

The chairman of The Israelis party and Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ron Huldai, promised on Sunday to unite the center-left bloc and lead it in the upcoming Knesset elections, despite his dismal performance in the polls so far.

In an interview with Channel 13 News, Huldai said, "In two weeks, we will represent a united party. I am going to lead the bloc called the center-left - this is my last public mission."

According to a poll published by Channel 13 News on Sunday, The Israelis continues to lose power and now stands at only four seats, very close to the electoral threshold. However, in a scenario in which there is a union between The Israelis and Yesh Atid, it would be the second largest party with 24 seats.

Moreover, if The Israelis unites with Telem (Bogie Ya'alon), Tnufa (Ofer Shelah) and Labor it could tack on 9 seats.

“I am not really disappointed with the results. I can say with certainty that The Israelis party will be the center of unification in the left-wing bloc," said Huldai.

On the issue of possible mergers with other parties, Huldai said that "my goal is to overthrow the Netanyahu regime. Anyone who is in the ‘anyone but Bibi’ camp is a partner for me in a broad coalition, but under one condition that everyone be committed to one law, and no one be above it."

Despite those comments, he described Naftali Bennett's Yamina party as "extreme right" and called "not to vote for Sa’ar because it is against our values."

Huldai attacked the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, saying, “Thousands of people died in vain as a result of the collapse of systems, lack of management and inability.”

The Likud party said in response to the interview, "Huldai is fighting the electoral threshold and is engaged in politics while the Prime Minister brings vaccines and leads Israel out of the coronavirus crisis."