Batya Lebel submitting petition
Batya Lebel submitting petitionIm Tirtzu

Batya Lebel, who was seriously wounded in a terrorist attack in Kfar Saba during Memorial Day for IDF Soldiers, filed a petition with the Supreme Court this morning, Tuesday, demanding that the house of the terrorist who tried to murder her and stabbed her more than 13 times be immediately destroyed, even though she was "only" wounded in the attack and not murdered.

The petition was filed after Lebel's appeal to the Central Command general several months ago that he destroy the terrorist's house was not answered.

Lebel seeks to compel the state to issue a confiscation and demolition order against the home of 20-year-old terrorist Muhammad Risha, who lives in Tulkarm.

"A failure to demolish the terrorist's house sends to his comrades who support his actions, and to the leadership of the terrorists who fund the acts of terrorism and the terrorist, even at this very moment, a message of silent sheep on their way to the slaughter," the petition said.

The purpose of the petition is to prevent further terrorist attacks: "So it will be seen that lowly murderers are not forgiven and their actions will not pay off. The petitioner will receive some comfort if, through her actions, she saves other Israelis from death or a similar fate to hers."

During the Memorial Day for IDF soldiers last year, the terrorist got off a bus at a station located on Weizmann Street in Kfar Saba near the "G" mall in the city. Lebel arrived at the station. After a short conversation with her to verify her identity as a Jewish Israeli, the terrorist took out a knife and attacked her from behind, as he swung the knife and stabbed her many times in her body.

The terrorist continued to stab Lebel even after the handle of the knife was broken and he held on tightly to the blade of the knife left in his hand.

Lebel said that "this extreme case requires an extreme response and that is why I submitted the petition to the High Court. Zero patience must be shown and deterrence strengthened. The response to terrorism must be severe so that it is heeded and feared. The terrorists should be afraid of the force of the law. The legal system has a duty to be stringent and use all means to eradicate terrorism. "