'Murder in his eyes': Victim recounts terror attack in Kfar Saba

"The punches made me lose blood in my head. I saw that I had no chance of facing him. People filmed but were in no hurry to help."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Terror attack in Kfar Saba
Terror attack in Kfar Saba
Police Spokesperson

The 62-year-old who was moderately to severely wounded in the stabbing attack in Kfar Saba on Memorial Day, on Sunday recounted the moments.

In an interview with Lishi Shnerb on Galei Tzahal, the wounded woman, who was released from the hospital over the weekend, related: "I waited at a bus stop in the direction of the Kfar Saba industrial zone. He was behind me, he arrived with a red sweatshirt and a hat.”

"I asked him if there were buses because I had waited alone for quite some time, then he murmured behind me. His appearance was that of an Arab guy. I only asked one question - if there are buses, and he murmured, ‘There are buses.’”

After a few seconds of quiet, I suddenly got hit in the head. I didn't even see his fists, he was a muscular man, I was hit on the head like a hammer with intensity and great speed. I turned in his direction and tried to get the hands down.

"I saw a look of hatred, something crazy, and murder in his eyes. He hadn’t come to talk but to kill. I saw death in those seconds. The punches made me lose blood in my head. I saw that I had no chance of facing him. He could kill me with the strong knocks on my head in a second.”

The woman realized she had to try to escape. "There were a bunch of cars and there was city construction along the road. I got to the middle of the road and stopped all the traffic and shouted ‘Help me!’ and he chased after me, I didn't feel ... He had a knife but I felt hits and punches.”

"He didn't say anything, he was crazed. I continued toward the middle of the road and saw people filming with their phones but in no hurry. It was a real-time movie. He chased me to murder me. I realized that if one of the people didn’t come out and help me now, I was finished. Blood was flowing from the left side of my head from the stabbings, and the right side was also bleeding. Then I fell, my systems collapsed.

“My head turned to see what was happening. I kept trying to pick up every bit of information to understand what was going on, and then G-d sent a guy from a truck going the other way, with a white shirt and jeans, with a lot of courage - he got what was happening, shot two bullets after I fell, wallowing in my own blood, he shot him and neutralized him. I asked him what his name was and he said 'it doesn't matter,' I wanted to thank him and he told me 'it's okay.'

"He said to me, 'Here's the knife, too,' I turned and saw a large butcher knife with blood on it and then I realized that my thinking was correct. He is a true hero. He not only saved me but restored security.”