Ron Huldai
Ron HuldaiMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, who founded The Israelis party, explained his decision to join national politics in an interview with Channel 12 News which aired on Saturday night.

"I am going to change reality and lead the bloc. My entering the race leads to the center-left getting more seats," he claimed.

"I am going to give hope to the millions of Israelis who have lost hope in their leaders, who have been disappointed," Huldai continued. Asked about the criticism over his decision not to resign as mayor as soon as he announced the formation of his new party, he replied, "On the day I am elected to the Knesset, I will resign."

"The very fact that I entered the race resulted in the bloc getting more seats," he said. "There are also dozens of seats of people who are undecided. Those who said 'anyone but Bibi' - they are parked with Sa’ar, Bennett and everyone else. I welcome everyone. For the sake of my grandchildren, I must produce this change here.”

As for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Huldai clearly stated that he does not intend to join his government.

"By no means will I sit with him. He is done, he will not have the ability to form a government."