Gush Etzion junction
Gush Etzion junction Photo: TPS

Hamas on Tuesday issued a statement lamenting the death of the terrorist who attacked Israeli civilians and a group of soldiers with an axe at the Gush Etzion Junction south of Jerusalem.

The Hamas statement said the terrorist was killed by "the fire of the occupation army during his attempt to carry out a heroic act."

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that a security coordinator who was stationed near the area identified a suspect approaching the junction. The security coordinator and another soldier responded by firing and neutralizing the terrorist.

In its official statement, Hamas sent greetings to the family of the "martyr" and to the residents of the town where from which he came "who are facing a cruel attack by the settlement and an ongoing aggression of herds of settlers."

"Our people's campaign against the settlement demands a doubling of efforts at the national level and a permit for a fight to stop the aggression and protect our land and our holy places," the Hamas statement said.

"We congratulate all our people who hold on to the arenas of the resistance, and Palestine will remain upright and proud of the determination of its people and the insistence of the younger generation to achieve freedom and rid itself of the yoke of occupation."

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