Israeli security forces have launched a manhunt for Palestinian Arab terrorists responsible for a stone-throwing attack on an Israeli car which left one woman seriously injured.

According to a statement by an IDF spokesperson Sunday evening, the army is continuing its efforts to locate the terrorists responsible for a stone-throwing attack Sunday afternoon which left an Israeli woman seriously injured.

“IDF soldiers are continuing the pursuit of terrorists wanted for the stone-throwing attack,” the spokesperson said.

“Following reports of the stone-throwing attack near the entrance to the village of Deir Nizam in the IDF’s Efraim district, IDF forces are continuing their search for the terrorists.”

The spokesperson added that the army had surrounded Deir Nizam and had sealed off all entrances and exits.

“From the initial investigation it appears that an Israeli civilian who was driving in her car with her children on a road near the village was injured after several Palestinian suspects throw rocks at the car she was driving in, hitting her in the head and the car’s windows.”

“The injured woman was evacuated in serious condition to be hospitalized.”

Two groups of Palestinian Arab terrorists attacked the victim’s car, according to initial reports.

One group is said to have blocked the road, while the second hurled rocks at the car.

IDF forces have arrested 20 suspects thus far.

The attack occurred on Route 465, near the Israeli town of Neve Tzuf (Halamish) in the Binyamin district of Samaria.

The victim has been identified as Shvut Rahel resident Rivka Teitel (nee Pepperman), the wife of Yaakov ‘Jack’ Teitel.

Yaakov Teitel, an American-born immigrant, was convicted in 2013 of murdering two Arabs and carrying out various other attacks.