Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz צילום: שמוליק עלמני

The Blue and White party is nearing breakup, senior party officials say, and will likely not run in the upcoming Knesset election.

According to senior Blue and White officials cited in a report by Kan Wednesday morning, the party is on the verge of a major split, with a number of lawmakers – including senior ministers – considering breaking away.

The officials named Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn as two of the most likely members to bolt, adding that a number of other party members may be removed from Blue and White by Defense Minister and party chairman Benny Gantz.

With the party plummeting in recent polls to the mid-single digits, the officials cited in the report said that Blue and White will almost certainly not run in the election.

The new report conflicts with claims by Blue and White’s senior leaders, who recently issued a joint statement denying reports that Nissenkorn, Ashkenazi, and Gantz had significant disagreements about how to handle the ongoing coalition crisis with the Likud.

“The media discourse is false and does not reflect the way things are run in Blue and White. Internal warring is reserved for other parties. Our party works together to achieve its goals," the statement said.

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