IDF soldiers sealing off terrorist's room
IDF soldiers sealing off terrorist's room IDF spokesperson

Baruch Ben Yigal, the father of slain IDF soldier Amit Ben Yigal, who was killed in an operation in May in the Samaria region, related on Wednesday his heartbreak at the discovery that Palestinian Arabs had broken open the seal placed by soldiers on the room of the terrorist who killed his son.

Ben Yigal points the finger of blame at the Supreme Court, which prevented the IDF from demolishing the terrorist’s home in its entirety, leading to the decision to seal off the room that was used by the terrorist instead.

“At six o’clock this morning, we were given pictures from the IDF spokesman showing the room used by the terrorist sealed off,” he related. “At ten o’clock this morning, Palestinians released pictures showing the seals destroyed.

“Those pictures broke my heart,” he added. “We aren’t looking for revenge – all we want is deterrence. I just wonder what Esther Hayut, the chief of the Supreme Court, thinks the IDF should do now.”

Ben Yigal stressed that, “When we fight terror, we should fight it like it should be done. We can’t tie the hands of the army. To my great distress, the Supreme Court has tied the hands of the army, and there’s no way we can fight terror like this.”

The operation to seal off the room once occupied by the terrorist who murdered Ben Yigal’s son, Nizmi Abu Bakr, took place just before dawn in the Samarian town of Yabad, which is under PA control. The 49-year-old Abu Bakr killed Amit Ben Yigal by throwing a 10-kilogram cinderblock on his head from the roof of his home, during an IDF operation in the neighborhood. The IDF’s plans to demolish his home were aborted when the Supreme Court accepted an appeal by the terrorist’s family, lodged with the help of left-wing organizations.