Illegal Arab construction on Mount Hebron
Illegal Arab construction on Mount Hebron Mount Hebron council spokesperson

100 residents of Mount Hebron protested on Friday following the illegal construction being promoted by Palestinian Authority in the Carmel, Avigayil, Maon and Susya communities.

The residents moved among the many construction groups that were established between the localities and stood on the perimeter of the illegal construction built on the fences of the localities.

The eastern ridge of Mount Hebron is entirely populated by Israeli localities and is largely in Area C and composed of state land. The area has seen a wave of illegal Arab construction.

In recent years, the Palestinian Authority has been funded by the European Union to promote aggressive and systematic illegal construction with the intention of taking control of Area C. The construction is concentrated in clusters between Israeli localities with the intention of creating a buffer between them and interrupting Israeli sovereignty and territorial cohesion in the area.

Arab construction is in line with the principles outlined at the time in the Fayyad plan, which calls for 'quiet occupation' and the establishment of facts on the ground. In recent years, hundreds of new buildings, agricultural terraces and roads have been observed, indicating a clear trend to produce illegal Arab settlement between the city of Hebron and the Judean Desert, between eastern Jerusalem and the Bedouin diaspora in the Negev.

Mount Hebron Regional Council chairman Yochai Daamri warned: "This is just a promo for the dangerous situation that could come if the Trump plan is approved in its current form. Even today, when the territories are fully under our control, there is a severe problem of the Arab and European construction terrorist systems. When the area between the communities is strengthened for negotiation purposes, we will find a tsunami of construction that will surround our localities and may turn them into enclaves within an Arabian sea."

Commenting on the prime minister's promise to freeze construction in these territories, Damari added: "Since I have not seen any written reference in the Trump vision that indicates a freeze on construction in Arabs in Area C, I am not at all calm and certainly have not been presented with an effective monitoring mechanism."

Pinni Roth, a resident of Carmel, who attended the tour and was active in the struggle, said that "every day new illegal houses are being erected between the communities by the Arabs. This is wild construction with the intention to build a large Arab continuum that will strangle the localities. The purpose of the tour is to protest, influence and point out the rampant construction in every direction and occupies an area that is the oxygen of the communities and the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the Civil Administration is unable to destroy the buildings and keep pace with the takeover and we are here to prevent it."

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