Bennett Flash 90

Former Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Sunday evening that he will run in the elections for the 22nd Knesset as part of his New Right party. Bennett formed the New Right party prior to the previous elections in April together with former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

In his first statement following his dismissal from the government, Bennett said: "Earlier today, the prime minister informed me that he was dismissing me as Minister of Education of the state of Israel. For the first time, I can dedicate the beginning of the coming school year on September 1 to only my four children and not to all two million children in Israel's educational system."

"My deep gratitude to you, the Israeli public, and to the creator of the world for giving me the rare privilege to lead the educational system of the children of Israel in the last four years. I did the best I could for the people of Israel and for the children of Israel whom I love so much. Everyone is replaceable, including me. I can assure you: you're in good hands."

Bennett stressed, "I'm committed to facilitating an orderly transition with the minister who will replace me in order to minimize any problems before the opening of the school year in 90 days."

Bennett later explained that he would run in the upcoming elections. "The state of Israel has found itself in another election campaign. This isn't a good thing, but there's an opportunity for all of us to approach it a little wiser, more seriously and more modestly. This applies to me as well."

"The New Right conveys a message of a right-wing state which unites all parts of the nation - religious, secular, traditional, all together. The New Right will be a party that doesn't give up and doesn't compromise on its positions but doesn't seek only to argue with the left. We hope that the party draws many good Israelis."

"Throughout my life, as a combat soldier in the Sayeret Matkal commando unit, as a company commander in Magellan, as a member of the security cabinet and minister of education, my life's mission has been and remains: the people of Israel and the Land of Israel. I will continue to work for the people I love so much. This morning I was Minister of Education, tonight I am Naftali. I call upon the people of Israel to join the New Right, and this time, with God's help, we will win."

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