Car used in ramming attack March 4th, 2019
Car used in ramming attack March 4th, 2019T.P.S.

The Sheba Medical Center said Tuesday that there had been a slight improvement in the condition of the soldier who was injured in yesterday's attack in Gush Talmonim. His condition continues to be serious and stable, and he is hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Earlier Tuesday, Border Policeman Sergeant A., who was lightly injured Monday in the terror attack in Benyamin and released to his home, recalled the dramatic moments of the incident.

"The moment I noticed the vehicle I jumped to the right, I tried to evade it, and yet the vehicle managed to hit my leg," A. said. "We opened fire at the vehicle and neutralized two of the terrorists. The third one who was wounded was arrested at the scene."

"I wish the officer a speedy recovery and rehabilitation of the legs as soon as possible," added A. "I hope to return as quickly as possible to routine and activities."

According to an army spokesperson, an initial IDF investigation suggests that the terror cell involved in the ramming attack was also responsible for hurling firebombs at a crossing point near Route 443 a few hours earlier.

“Following the car-ramming attack in Kafr Ni'ma, an initial inquiry suggests that earlier in the evening, the assailants of the car ramming attack also hurled firebombs at a crossing adjacent to Route 443. Additional firebombs were later found in the vehicle that had been used in the terror attack,” the IDF said.

IDF officer Yisrael Meir Elitzur was seriously injured in the attack, while a Border Policeman was lightly injured.