IDF: Terror cell carried out two attacks in one night

Terrorists' night of mayhem started with firebombings - ended with ramming attack. 'Why didn't army shoot them during first attack?'

David Rosenberg ,

Scene of attack
Scene of attack
IDF spokesperson

The terrorist cell responsible for a pre-dawn ramming attack early Monday morning was also responsible for firebomb attacks hours earlier, an IDF spokesperson said Monday.

Three terrorists driving a private vehicle ran down a squad of Israeli security personnel at the entrance of the Arab village of Kafr Nima, northwest of Ramallah in Samaria early Monday morning.

Two soldiers were injured, including an IDF officer who has since been listed in serious condition.

During the attack, two of the three terrorists were shot dead. The third terrorist was shot and lightly wounded.

According to an army spokesperson, an initial IDF investigation suggests that the terror cell involved in the ramming attack was also responsible for hurling firebombs at a crossing point near Route 443 a few hours earlier.

“Following the car-ramming attack in Kafr Ni'ma, an initial inquiry suggests that earlier in the evening, the assailants of the car ramming attack also hurled firebombs at a crossing adjacent to Route 443. Additional firebombs were later found in the vehicle that had been used in the terror attack,” the IDF said.

The terror attack in Kafr Ni’ma occurred following an Israeli arrest operation in the area, which led to the capture of 11 Hamas terrorists.

“Overnight, IDF troops operated in the Ramallah District as part of a campaign targeting the Hamas terror organization. IDF and Border Police forces apprehended 11 Hamas operatives during the operation.”

As the Israeli forces withdrew, a security vehicle reportedly broke down. Security personnel who had remained with the vehicle were then targeted by the terrorists as they drove into the village.

Otzma Yehudit party spokesman Tzvi Succot questioned why Israeli security forces stationed at Route 443 did not respond to the firebombing attack, suggesting that the ramming attack could have been prevented.

“At 3:30 a.m. the terrorists threw firebombs at an IDF force.”

“No one fired at them [the terrorists]. Because it was ‘just’ a firebomb attack. The terrorists continued on their way and came upon an IDF force which was having vehicle problems and had pulled over to the side of the road. There, the terrorists decided to carry out a ramming attack, leaving two soldiers injured.”

“Let’s be clear, if firebombings were treated like gunfire, [the terrorists] wouldn’t have had a chance to carry out the next attack.”