The Israel Air Force (IAF) on Friday attacked some 60 targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza and destroyed three compounds belonging to the group. At least 120 Hamas terrorists were injured in the strikes.

“The Hamas terror organization orchestrates hostile activity along the security fence which includes arson terror, launching rockets at Israeli territory and violent riots. During these violent riots, along with other severe acts of terror that were aimed at IDF troops and security infrastructure, an IDF soldier was killed in a shooting attack today (Friday),” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Hamas compound in Zaytun
Hamas compound in ZaytunPhoto: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

“In response, over the past hours, the IDF operated against Hamas’ military targets. Following eight targets that were struck immediately by IDF tanks and aircraft, IDF fighter jets targeted 60 additional military targets,” it continued.

The strikes demolished three Hamas battalion compounds: The Zaytun battalion in the northern Gaza Strip, the Khan Yunis battalion in the southern Gaza Strip and the Bureij battalion in the central Gaza Strip.

Hamas compound in Khan Yunis
Hamas compound in Khan YunisPhoto: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The strikes eliminated about 60 buildings and infrastructures and revoked significant military and command and control capabilities.

“The attack delivered a severe blow to the Hamas's training array, command and control abilities, weaponry, aerial defense and logistic capabilities along with additional military infrastructure. Among the targets hit by the IDF were weapons manufacturing sites, a shaft to a tunnel network, a factory used for underground infrastructure manufacturing, a UAV warehouse, military operations room, training facilities, observation posts and additional military targets,” said the IDF.

Hamas compound in Al-Bureij
Hamas compound in Al-BureijPhoto: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

“The strikes are an example of the IDF's intelligence and operational capabilities. The stages will intensify as necessary,” it stressed.

Also on Friday evening, Gaza terrorists fired three rockets at Israel. Two were shot down by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, and the third landed in an open field near a Gaza border community.

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