Yasmin Vineta
Yasmin Vineta Courtesy of the family

Israel Police concluded the investigation into the death of 14-month-old Yasmin Vineta, who died while at her Petah Tikva daycare last month.

The investigation raised suspicions that a 23-year-old woman caused Vineta's death around 2:00p.m, while she was working to get Vineta and another child to sleep.

The woman, who is Ukrainian and lives in Israel as a temporary resident, worked as an assistant in the daycare.

Initial investigations showed that Vineta's body did not show signs of violence, causing medical professionals to initially believe that no criminal activity had occurred. Testimonies were collected from daycare staff, medical professionals, and Vineta's parents, who are Moldavian. The investigative staff issued a search warrant, discovering a camera and DVD which recorded the incident but which the daycare staff did not believe to be in working order.

Watching the video, investigators discovered that the moments of Vineta's death had been taped in their entirety.

The recording showed that the 23-year-old assistant killed Vineta by suffocating her. It also showed at least ten other incidents in which the suspect and the other assistant use force against the children in their care.

Both the second assistant and the daycare manager were released on condition, and the suspect's arrest continues to be extended.

The daycare manager, a 50-year-old Petah Tikva resident, a 33-year-old Russian assistant on a temporary visa, and the 23-year-old suspect, were arrested and taken for interrogation, where they argued against the recording.

On Wednesday, after evidence had been gathered, the suspect was brought for another court discussion, during which the prosecutor requested to extend her arrest until she is indicted and the proceedings against her are completed.

Her arrest was extended by five days.

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