Haifa shooting scene
Haifa shooting scene MDA Spokesman

The Haifa District Court today convicted Muhammad Shinawi, 22, who murdered the late Guy Kafri hy"d and wounded Rabbi Yehiel Iluz January last year.

Shinawi, who carried out a shooting spree in the streets of Haifa, confessed to all charges against him during an evidentiary hearing that took place today.

He was convicted of premeditated murder for religious, nationalistic, or ideological motives, attempted murder, weapon possession for terror acts, possession of a knife, attempted robbery, and vehicle theft.

Guy Kafri; Courtesy of the family

Shinawi lived in the Halisa neighborhood of Haifa. On the morning of the attack, he arrived in the lower city, where he identified Rabbi Iluz as a haredi Jew. He followed him, and later shot and severely wounded him. As he fled the scene, Shinawi took another shot at a Jewish woman he identified nearby, without injuring her.

In the course of his flight to the neighborhood of Halisa, Shinawi identified another Jew, Guy Kafri, and shot and murdered him.

Shinawi continued his escape while hiding the weapon with which he carried out the attack, together with other personal belongings, in a grove near his parents' home.

After the shooting, Shinawi met two of his friends and asked them to take him to Brenner Street in the city of Haifa, sharing their intention to steal a motorcycle from a food delivery he had ordered. In addition, Shinawi ordered and received a sharp butcher knife.

After his arrest, he was interrogated by the Shin Bet security service, where he was determined to have committed the attack for nationalism and hatred of Jews.

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