Israel Police opened an investigation into events at a demonstration held Friday night in the city of Haifa, during which Arab demonstrators were recorded damaging the flag of the State of Israel.

Article 5 of the Flag, Symbol and State Anthem Law (5709-1949) states: "Anyone who violates the honor of the State flag or the dignity of the State emblem, or causes damage to its dignity, or uses it in a manner that violates its dignity, is liable to imprisonment for up to three years or double the fine stated in section 61 (a) (2) of the Penal Law. "

The demonstrators protested the IDF's firing at terrorists in Gaza and were furious at the "police repression and intimidation arrests" carried out in Haifa over the past two weeks.

Among other things, the participants chanted, "Gaza have no desperation, we will end the occupation," "The people demand, cease the fire", "Democracy is not built on the bodies of demonstrators."

Joint List MKs Ayman Odeh and Yousef Jabarin, participated in the rally, as did former MK Mohammad Barakeh, who is currently chairman of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee.

During the demonstration, demonstrators snatched an Israeli flag from a woman standing next to them, vandalized it, stepped on it, wiped their shoes on it and kicked it between them.