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Israel is poised to dramatically increase the amount of electricity it provides to the Gaza Strip, despite a spate of rocket and mortar attacks emanating from the Strip, and the discovery of several terror tunnels extending from the Gaza Strip and into Israeli territory.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Authority announced that it had agreed to renew payments to Israel for the delivery of electricity to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, following the signing of a comprehensive reconciliation agreement between the ruling Fatah party in Ramallah and Hamas in October.

A long-running financial dispute between Hamas and Fatah led the PA to deny payment for electricity delivered to Gaza. The move led to a 50 megawatt reduction in the supply provided by Israel to Gaza. This forced Hamas officials to cut the time public electricity, not including power from privately owned generators, is offered to Gaza residents by 50% - from eight hours a day to four.

Israel is expected to increase the amount of electricity delivered to Gaza following the agreement, despite a spate of attacks by Hamas and other Gaza-based terror groups.

In late October and again in December, Israeli forces discovered terror tunnels extending from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

Gaza-based terrorists have also fired dozens of rockets and mortars at Israel in recent weeks, including three on Wednesday.