Terror tunnel discovered in Israeli territory

IDF uncovers - and demolishes - Hamas terror tunnel penetrating almost 1,000 feet into Israeli territory from Gaza.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Demolition of the tunnel
Demolition of the tunnel
IDF Spokesperson

IDF Spokesman General Ronen Manelis revealed this morning that a terror tunnel built in the area of Khan Yunis, a city in Gaza, has been demolished. "This is the second tunnel uncovered in the past month, and at this time forces are busy neutralizing the tunnel," he said.

"The tunnel is a very important one," says the IDF spokesman. "It belongs to the Hamas organization and it penetrates 300 meters (984 feet) into Israeli territory."

The IDF says that, in the past few weeks, it has been monitoring the tunnel, and at no point has it posed a threat to the citizens of Israel.

"The entire treatment of the tunnel was handled in our territory," said the spokesman, "and the job was accomplished to our satisfaction, beyond the fact that Hamas attributes a great deal of importance to the tunnel."

The IDF also referred to the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, saying that those who fired the rockets were “rogue organizations” and that, since the IDF strike on Friday night, Hamas efforts to maintain its control over the area have been apparent.