The new lab
The new labDefense Ministry spokesman

The Crossings Authority on Wednesday revealed a new, advanced lab for identifying chemicals and other dangerous materials before they are transferred to Gaza.

The lab is part of a joint project between the Defense Ministry's Crossings Authority, Shabak (Israel Security Agency), and Israel Police's Crossings Department. Experts working in the lab use advanced equipment to check a wide range of materials including gases, liquids, powders, solids, metals, and more. These materials are examined before they are allowed into Gaza.

One of the lab's main purposes is to identify problematic substances before they enter Gaza, and to prevent these materials from reaching terrorists. The lab is able to identify materials within a short time, allowing authorities to shorten the wait time before authorized materials are brought into Gaza.

Recently, a truck carrying automobile oils arriving at the Kerem Shalom Crossing aroused the suspicion of security guards. A sample of the oils was brought to the lab, and turned out to be a dangerous explosive intended for the mass production of weapons.

Crossings Authority Head Abu Rukan said, "This lab greatly expands the defense forces' 'toolbox,' and aids our daily and unrelenting battle against the smuggling of dangerous materials into Gaza."

"However, the most important part of our system is the human part - the security personnel who man the border crossings. Today, we know how to identify every illegal substance which may be of aid to the terrorists in Gaza."