Work on new town "Amichai"
Work on new town "Amichai" No credit

Construction work on Amichai, the new town for the former residents of Amona, has been halted.

Amona representatives said Thursday that "the construction work for Amichai was completely halted due to bureaucratic complications and budgetary constraints."

Avichai Baron, the leader of the campaign to save Amona, said that the government would have to increase the budget in order for the construction of the new town to be completed.

"Under the guidance of the Prime Minister and with the dedicated and energetic leadership of the head of the Prime Minister's Office, Yoav Horowitz, a meeting was held last night [to discuss the matter. The meeting was] attended by representatives of Amona and representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Defense, and Housing, including the Benjamin Regional Council. It was decided at the meeting that in order to renew the work it is necessary that the government decide this Sunday to increase the budget for the establishment of Amichai," Baron said.

Baron asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the meeting to submit a proposal to the Cabinet to increase the budget for the construction of Amichai.

Earlier Thursday, Netanyahu participated in a cornerstone-laying ceremony for a new neighborhood in Beitar Illit.

In his speech, Netanyahu spoke about his government's policy on Judea and Samaria as well as as the construction of Amichai.

"We work vigorously to settle every area of Israel," Netanyahu said. "My Chief of Staff visited Netiv Ha'avot this morning, in order to find a solution which will legally allow us to minimize damages."

"Yesterday, we gathered all the necessary parties to renew the founding of a new town, Amichai, for Amona's expellees. They deserve it."