Teen wounded during arrest in Nahliel
Teen wounded during arrest in Nahliel Yosef Frisman

Israeli police conducted searches in a yeshiva in the western Samarian town of Nahliel Monday morning, after a court issued arrest warrants for two teens tied to the school.

The two suspects are believed to have been involved in nationalistically-motivated “price tag” crimes.

When police units arrived at the yeshiva, a number of youths attempted to flee. As the officers gave chase, two teenagers attacked them and were subsequently arrested.

By the end of the operation, a total of four youths – all 14 years of age – were arrested. One of the arrestees was wounded during the incident. The four were transferred for interrogation.

Sources in the yeshiva claim the officers used excessive force during the operation, saying an undercover officer hit one of the 14-year olds on the head with a rock. The police then reportedly prevented a local medic from treating the boy’s injuries.

A spokesperson for the Honenu organization said in recent weeks a number of staff members and students from the yeshiva had been called in for questioning by police regarding a hike a number of students participated in several months ago, during which, police claim, damage was done to the piping system of an Arab community.