Author and Educator Rabbi Shalom Gold spoke to Arutz Sheva on Sunday, on the sidelines of a gathering of dozens of leading rabbis, for a special "Emergency Conference for the Security of the Nation of Israel in the Holy Land."

During the conference, the rabbis called for Arab terrorists who leave their homes with an intention to harm Jews to be shot “without any superfluous considerations.”

The rabbis at the gathering, said Rabbi Gold, are against “relinquishing any part of the land of Israel to our enemies.”

“The country should have learned already, that every time we relinquish any part of Eretz Yisrael it only brings upon us terrible suffering. It’s high time that people understand that there will be no relinquishing of land. No Jews will be removed from their homes.”

The idea of a “two-state solution” to solve the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict “is not a solution at all. It would be a ‘final solution’ and that can’t – and will not – take place. We will stand and fight that it will never ever happen,” he warned.