Interrogation (illustration)
Interrogation (illustration) Thinkstock

Police and agents of the Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shabak) brutally attacked one of the Jewish suspects in the Duma arson-murder as they arrested him, according to a relative of the suspect.

"I drove him to his yeshiva," recounted the female relative, whose name – like that of the suspect – cannot be published. "He got out of the car and started advancing toward the yeshiva. Two people came up to him."

"One of them punched him in the stomach, folded him in two, and the other one pounced on him, and then a lot of other people came and started punching him with their fists, humiliating him and knocking him to the ground, and dragging him to the squad car."

At this point, she understood that the men were ISA agents who came to arrest her relative.

"I took out my cellphone in order to record the violence. They took my cellphone and told me 'don't you dare record anything or go out of your car.' I started screaming and people got out and saw it."

She added: "There were security cameras there that recorded it and [the ISA men] reached the owner of the cameras and seized the video so that there would be no evidence. If that is what they do when people are there to see everything, what do they do when no one is looking?"

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represents the suspect, added: "There is a real and true concern for his well-being. The ISA did not bring him to court today, police injured him in the course of the arrest and we believe there is a reason why he is being hidden away in the ISA's cellars."

"Israel is not Argentina," he stressed. "The behavior of the ISA interrogators and the Israel Police in our case contradicts the law, and what is more troubling is the fact that some of the judges toe the line of the requests put forth by the ISA and police, and give them too much credit, unfortunately."

"In dozens of cases," he noted, "right wing activists were arrested, underwent harsh interrogations and were released without being charged. One wonders what happened to the human rights activists and democracy seekers, who are silent as my client and others are harmed."

Nurse detained

In a similar development, detectives from the Judea and Samaria Police arrived at a hospital in central Israel Thursday afternoon and sought to arrest a nurse, in connection with the investigation of the arson-murder in the Arab village of Duma last July.

The nurse is a sister of a suspect in the case, who is a minor. The move is part of an attempt by the ISA and police to break the suspect's spirit, according to the suspect's attorney.

Meanwhile, the suspect's aunt has been questioned for hours on end Thursday without being allowed to see an attorney, Honenu charged.

The Dawabshe family home in Duma was set ablaze on July 31, killing 18-month-old Ali and seriously injuring his mother, father and four-year-old brother. His father, Sa'ad, and mother, Riham, later passed away as well. 

The words "Vengeance" and "long live the Messiah" were found spray painted on the burnt Dawabshe home, in Hebrew. The graffiti led the IDF to quickly proclaim the attack an act of "Jewish terrorism."