The ax and knife
The ax and knife Police spokesperson unit

The Jerusalem district attorney's office submitted an indictment on Tuesday to the local court against two teen Arab terrorists for attempted murder and illegal possession of a knife.

The two, a 15-year-old and 17-year-old from the eastern neighborhood of A-Tur, arrived in Jerusalem's Old City last Tuesday morning according to the indictment, where they proceeded to eat at a restaurant and play at a computer store.

At a certain stage, and according to predetermined plans, the two went into a construction store near Damascus Gate on the eastern end of the Old City's northern wall, where they bought an ax and a knife.

Afterwards, the two went out and sat for a few minutes at Damascus Gate before proceeding to the promenade between IDF Square near the municipality building and Yafo Gate, a popular area where tourists pass all the time.

The ax and knife were with them in a bag, and at the promenade they sat on a bench while waiting for an appropriate victim to appear.

Shortly afterwards a police officer passed by and his suspicions were aroused by the two. He detained them, and thereby prevented a certain terrorist attack.

The attorney's office is requesting to hold the accused until the end of legal proceedings against them.