Demolished terrorist's home (archive)
Demolished terrorist's home (archive) Miriam Alster/Flash 90

IDF soldiers on Tuesday morning demolished the home of Maher Al-Hashalmoun of Hevron, the terrorist who murdered 25-year-old Dalia Lemkos of Tekoa last November. The demolition was carried out at the instruction of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

The terrorist’s family was notified in August of the intention to demolish the home but were given sufficient time to appeal the decision.

The terrorist intentionally ran over Lemkos at a bus stop outside Alon Shvut in the Gush Etzion region of Judea before getting out of his car and stabbing her to death. He then attacked two other Israelis with the same knife, inflicting wounds before being neutralized and apprehended.

“The demolition of the home was carried out as part of the ongoing fight against terrorism and sends a clear and deterrent message that involvement in terrorism has a price,” the IDF said in a statement.

“The IDF, in cooperation with the security agencies, will continue to follow the instructions of the political echelon and will use all means at its disposal in accordance with the law to provide security for the citizens of Israel,” it added.