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Dalia Lemkos

News and updates about Dalia Lemkos

IDF Demolishes Home of Hevron Terrorist

Home of Maher Al-Hashalmoun of Hevron demolished at the instruction of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

IDF Demolishes Home of Terrorist who Murdered Dalia Lemkos

Home of Dalia Lemkos's Murderer to Be Razed

Security forces tell terrorist who ran over and stabbed a Jewish woman in November his house will be razed.

Home of Dalia Lemkos's Murderer to Be Razed

'Our Daughter's Murderer Will Go Free'

Parents of Dalia Lemkos respond to two life sentences handed to terrorist, note it's 'worthless' because of terrorist swaps.

'Our Daughter's Murderer Will Go Free'player

No Death Penalty for Lemkos's Murderer

Arab terrorist who murdered 25-year-old from Tekoa gets 2 life sentences, not death as demanded by family; 'this policy must change.'

'Moral Bankruptcy': No Death Penalty for Lemkos's Murdererplayer

Mother of Terror Victim Demands Death Penalty

Terrorist who stabbed Dalia Lemkos, 26, to death should be given death penalty to create deterrence, mother, terror victims' group say.

Mother of Terror Victim Demands Death Penaltyplayer

Terrorist Indicted for Murder of Dalia Lemkos

Military court indicts Maher Al-Hashalmoun for murder of 26-year-old Dalia Lemkos in October, stabbed to death after being run over.

Terrorist Handed His Wife a Will, Then Went Hunting for Jews

Special Hannukah Ceremony Held for Dalia Lemkos

35-inch high hannukiah from medical parts donated from Yad Sarah, lit in Dalia's memory in moving ceremony.

Special Candlelighting Ceremony Held for Dalia Lemkos

Human Chain in Gush Etzion Against Terror

Thousands of people join public show of solidarity, strength in response to recent attacks. 'This is our home,' protestors say.

Gush Etzion Residents Form Human Chain in Response to Terrorplayer

'Terrorist Will Not Break Us,' Vows Dalia's Father

Dalia Lemkos, 26, laid to rest in Tekoa after being was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist Monday.

'The Terrorist Will Not Break Us,' Vows Terror Victim's Fatherplayer

Man Fires Warning Shots after his Car is Pelted

Man lightly wounded by rocks in incident near Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem; suspected 'price tag' incident reported in Jerusalem.

Israeli Man Escapes Attack After Firing Warning Shots

Recalling Dalia Lemkos' Final Moments

Ori Shechter gave Dalia Lemkos a ride to Alon Shvut. Moments after she got out of his car, she was murdered.

'Dalia Got Out of the Car and Was Murdered Moments Later'