Site of Armon Hanativ attack
Site of Armon Hanativ attack (GPO) Kobi Gideon

Channel 10 released on Tuesday night the testimony of the driver of the bus attacked by two Arab terrorists in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood earlier in the morning. 

The driver described to Israel Security Agency and police investigators the first initial moments of the attack and how he miraculously survived after the terrorists opened fire and began stabbing passengers.

"Two passengers entered the bus at the first station. One of them went to the back of the bus and the other stood to my side without paying. He promised to alight at the next stop, take out money and pay me," the driver recounted. 

"At the next station, more peopled boarded and he promised me at the next station's he'd get off and take out money," the driver described to investigators. 

In the middle of the trip, that same passenger opened fire and stabbed civilians along with another terrorist aboard the bus. 

The driver quickly opened the doors of the bus, enabling several passengers to escape. He too tried to flee but was initially chased after by the terrorist, who ended up returning to the bus, locking the doors and continuing his shooting spree. 

Two Israelis were killed and seven more wounded - to varying degrees - in the horrific attack. Haim Habib, 78, was named on Tuesday night as one of the two fatalities. 

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