Security forces at Tapuach Junction (file)
Security forces at Tapuach Junction (file) Flash 90

A stabbing attack by an Arab terrorist was thwarted on Wednesday at the Tapuah Junction in Samaria, not far from Ariel.

The Israel Police and Border Police released an announcement early Wednesday afternoon revealing that a 20-year-old Arab resident of nearby Shechem (Nablus) arrived at Tapuach Junction with a bag.

After arousing the suspicions of the Border Patrol officers at the site, he was called for a security check during which he drew a dagger and tried to stab the soldiers.

A soldier identified only as Lance Corporal D. cocked his weapon, at which point the terrorist threw away his knife and attempted to flee the scene. He was immediately apprehended by the soldiers and arrested for investigation.

Under investigation the terrorist admitted to planning a stabbing attack, but didn't expect that the soldier would cock his weapon and therefore he was caught off guard and started running.

צומת תפוח

The commander of the Border Patrol's Company 15, Superintendent Roi Amos, praised the fighters for their quick response.

"The warriors were ready and prepared, that's exactly the reason that the incident ended as it did," said Amos. "This was an incident that lasted several seconds, meaning that the alertness and operational preparedness are the only response with which one can confront such incidents."

"Lance Corporal D. acted as is expected from every Border Patrol warrior in cases of actual attacks on his life and the lives of innocents."

The attack comes amid a terror wave, which has been highlighted by the murder of a Jerusalem man on Sunday in a rock attack, and has continued with Arab riots on the Temple Mount and continued rock attacks.