Arieh King
Arieh King Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King, who is chairman of the Jerusalem municipality's emergency and security committee, reported on Sunday night that his home in Ma'ale Hazeitim on the Mount of Olives in eastern Jerusalem was attacked by Arab terrorists with firebombs and rocks - marking the 52nd attack in less than two years.

King wrote on Facebook that the police have "abandoned" him and his neighbors, adding that he will be taking matters into his own hands and establishing a private security team to patrol the area from which the attacks emanate.

Video of the 52nd attack, in which Arab terrorists are seen lobbing with impunity Molotov cocktails that reached as far as King's porch door as well as rocks, can be viewed by clicking the image below.

King wrote on Facebook, "this afternoon around an hour ago terrorists attacked our home with four Molotov cocktails and dozens of rocks." His post was accompanied by pictures showing the shattered Molotov cocktails at the very door of his home, with shattered glass adjacent to the entrance.

"In light of the continued abandonment and inability of the police to stop the attacks against us, starting tomorrow (Monday) at 9 p.m. we will place an independent security force on Panorama Street," he continued, noting that all 52 attacks were launched from the street.

For those wishing to help in the security effort, King said the patrol was to meet at the Panorama Hotel on Panorama Street in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. He noted that opposite the hotel is a Sephardic burial plot known as the "Hatzur" plot, and that the security crew would meet on the southern corner of the burial plot on Panorama Street.

King recently reported that between 150,000 to 200,000 Arab Muslims are expected to be visiting the Temple Mount each Friday during Ramadan given the historic concessions Israel made in terms of freedom of access for Judea, Samaria and Gaza-based Arabs. He held a security committee meeting in Pisgat Ze'ev last week to discuss the threats; since Ramadan began there have been several attacks including a shooting attack and a stabbing attack near the Old City.

"Defend yourselves!"

The city councilman noted that during the attack on Sunday, the home of his neighbor, a career soldier in the IDF with the rank of major who was on base at the time, was set on fire.

"Can it be that IDF officers in keva (career soldiers - ed.) will leave behind their families at home to be abandoned in the hands of radical Muslim terrorists while these officers spends days and nights on their bases?" posed King, noting the ludicrous security situation. He added that another neighbor whose home was also attacked serves as a captain in keva as well.

Pointing out the impotence of the police, he added, "what are the Israel police waiting for? Until someone pays with their life because of their negligence?"

King suggested that residents of East Talpiyot and Shiloach (Silwan) in Jerusalem also conduct private patrols to deal with the security threats that police have proven unable to eliminate, saying, "dear Jews, when they abandon you organize independently and defend yourselves, and don't forget...only within the framework of the law!"

The councilman told Arutz Sheva last November that Arab rioters shot a 9 mm bullet at his home and yet police dawdled in even responding to the incident, and a crew only came to investigate the evidence a month after the bullet hit a wall of his home.