Police Dawdle on Shooting at Councilman's House

Police incompetence: After Yehuda Glick shot, police revealed to have 'turned deaf ear' on targeting of Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King.

Shimon Cohen, Ari Yashar ,

Arieh King in Shiloach (Silwan)
Arieh King in Shiloach (Silwan)
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Just last Wednesday Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick was shot four times by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem - now Jerusalem Councilman and head of the Israel Land Fund Arieh King reveals police took a month to respond to shots fired on his house.

King spoke to Arutz Sheva about how a bullet was fired into the wall of his Ma'ale Hazeitim home, located on the Mount of Olives, and explained the extreme measures needed to get police investigators to show up on Tuesday to look at the bullet and accompanying damage.

"It was Thursday afternoon," King said recalling the shooting. "Eastern Jerusalem Arabs were raging and throwing rocks, and not only rocks, at Jewish homes in Jerusalem. The fireworks were deafening throughout the whole night, and the next morning we found a bullet in the home."

The bullet fired at King's home Arieh King

"The bullet went through and hit a wall," said King, who hurried and submitted a complaint to the police while being careful not to touch the bullet so as to increase the chances that police could find fingerprints or other guiding evidence concerning the culprit - they never did.

King notes "the bullet sat in our home a long time." During that period, he contacted the police on numerous occasions through various channels, but not one of them saw fit to send a crew to his home to investigate the evidence.

"Just this week in the Interior Committee of the Knesset when I met the personal aide of the police superintendent I got his attention to the matter, and within hours we were given police treatment. A crew arrived yesterday to the home, photographed the wall at the entrance, and took the bullet finally. All of this after more than a month," King told Arutz Sheva.

King's wall that was hit by the bullet Arieh King

King emphasized that on the very day he submitted the complaint he showed a police investigator pictures of the bullet and the bullet hole, and likewise sent the pictures to various police captains, but despite this no police action was made.

"Very senior sources in the Jerusalem police heard about it from me and received the photos so they can't say it wasn't reported to them, but unfortunately it fell on deaf ears, and only with the involvement of the police commissioner and his aide it was dealt with," said King.

Regarding the complete lack of a response, King elaborated "no one spoke to me despite the fact I contacted several police captains I came across in the field on several occasions. I haven't received an explanation, up to this very moment."

When asked to explain why police might ignore the shooting, King said he wanted to believe officers simply thought it wasn't a serious incident, "but I know that was in the height of the event. That same night dozens if not hundreds of rocks were thrown and fireworks were shot at us, and only the next day did we see the bullet."

"We didn't hear the gunshot because of the firework sounds, aside from the fact that there was shooting at the same time from several locations in Jerusalem," said King, apparently referring to the firework and rock attacks engulfing the capital.

King added that anyone else in a similar situation of danger and police apathy "must understand it's their security, and therefore they can't give up...The nature of things is that the police minimize the workload, and that comes at the expense of our lives."

The councilman concluded by saying he hoped the shooting of Glick will shake police out of their apathy, and lead them to take the protection of Jerusalem more seriously.

The shooting incident against King's house, coupled with the assassination attempt, raises many question marks regarding police preparedness in defending nationalist leaders in the capital.

Recordings proved that police were aware of the death threats on Glick's life despite their protestations to the contrary, and still did not act on his complaints to protect his life. Nevertheless, police on Monday continued to deny they were aware of such threats.

In the wake of the attack, it has been revealed that Islamist Facebook pages have been passing around lists of Jewish leaders targeted for attacks.