Nava Boker (R) visits Samaria
Nava Boker (R) visits Samaria Shomron Regional Council

MK-elect Nava Boker (Likud) toured the Shomron (Samaria) region last week and said she was seriously considering relocating to one of the communities in the area.

Boker, a new MK, lost her husband, police officer Lior Boker, in the Mount Carmel fire in December of 2010.

During her visit to the Shomron, Boker, who was hosted by heads of the local communities, was informed about the population growth in the region and said, "We must not give up Judea and Samaria and I am not talking only about the security aspect. This is our country, we have a great country and we have to keep every piece of land that we have here.”

Referring to the housing crisis in Israel, the MK-elect suggested that building more homes in the Shomron and getting more Israelis to move there would be a solution.

“We need to attract as many Israelis to come to live here and fill the Shomron. If we build here properly, it can certainly be a solution to the problem of housing in Israel,” she said, adding, “This is a great place to live and I am seriously considering it."

Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika said, "Nava represents the type of women who took the grief and pain and turned them into the power of action and activities for the public. I wish her success in her new position. We will always welcome her in the Shomron.”

Officials in the Shomron Regional Council said that in the coming weeks, both new and old MKs are scheduled to visit the region for tours.

"We we were happy to host MK Boker who knows the Shomron and recognizes its importance both at the Zionist level as well as the security level. Together we can join hands, us here in the Shomron and Nava in the Knesset. Our job is to build the region and bring a million Jews to Judea and Samaria. We are pleased to cooperate and believe that this is our historic role,” said the Deputy Head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan.

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