Hakol Shafit
Hakol Shafit Screenshot

Hakol Shafit, the Channel 1 TV show of right-wing satire Latma, was greeted with mixed reviews last Thursday when it debuted and broke the leftist monopoly on television satire - while it still is getting some skeptical criticism over some weaker skits, the show's second airing seems to have recaptured the magic that originally gained Latma a devoted following.

The show begins with a poke at US President Barack Obama's anti-Israel stance and his entrenched opposition to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's planned Congress speech next month.

Obama can be seen, in a take-off on Martin Luther's famous "I have a dream" speech about freedom, saying "I have a dream that the Israelis will withdraw and return to the '67 borders - 1567. I have a dream that in Palestine a binational state will arise, comprised of the two nations, the Palestinians and the Bedouins. I have a dream that Jews of Israel will finally be able to live in peace in their homes in the Slovakian hills, in Polish valleys and villages in Libya."

Addressing Iran, which Netanyahu plans to warn about in his speech, Obama continues "I have a dream that Iran will stop developing nuclear weapons and start producing them already. Come on, how much time can you give to development?"

After making an anti-Semitic statement that he hopes Jews will integrate in all social spheres "and not just control the banks," Obama wakes up in the skit at the AIPAC convention, where he pledges to "have Israel's back."

The show can be seen here, although it only appears in Hebrew. Apparently the show is not being given an English subtitled version as Latma was on YouTube.

The show also includes an interview with Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Herzog of the "Zionist camp" who present their vague plan of "giving the money back to the public" without explaining how.

At that point Latma favorite Tawil Fadiha, the Palestinian minister for matters of uncontrollable rage who represents the Palestinian Authority, comes in and explains his plan for Jews to leave Judea and Samaria, disband the IDF and die, which Livni and Herzog busily try to play down.

Rounding out the second week, the show went on to make fun of the media obsession with criticizing Netanyahu's relations with America, a skit on failed ads of the leftist V-15 campaign, and another poke at the elitist leftist High Court.