IDF Dolphin-class submarine
IDF Dolphin-class submarine Flash 90

Israel will soon receive its fourth "Dolphin" submarine, in a significant boost to the IDF's naval capabilities, according to Channel Two.

"At this very moment, after leaving Germany, it is making its way to Israel," Navy chief Vice Admiral Ram Rothberg said at conclusion of a navy captain's course Wednesday, noting that it will become the fourth such vessel to join the Israeli Navy.

"The submarine is able to submerge deeper, further and for longer periods of time, and can operate at a levels we have not seen until today," said Rothberg, explaining the significance of its addition to Israel's naval fleet.

The submarine, which can carry nuclear warheads, will be named INS Tanin - Hebrew for "Alligator". 

Dolphin-class submarines are the most advanced models in the world, and believed to be Israel's most expensive piece of military kit.

It's addition comes as the IDF looks northwards, after a summer of escalation in the south has given way to growing tension along the border with Syria.

Syrian regime forces have been battling for days with rebel forces in and around Quneitra, on the border with Israel, with the fierce clashes occasionally spilling over into the Israeli Golan Heights.

More worryingly than accidental spillovers is the fact that prominent among the rebels battling regime forces along the border is the Nusra Front, which is Al Qaeda's official branch in Syria.

Nusra Front fighters recently claimed the abductions of 45 UN peacekeepers, and made several demands in return for their safe release.