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Video: 'Nuke-Capable' Sub Sets Sail for Israel

The INS Tanin – the Navy's fourth and most advanced Dolphin-class submarine – is en route to Israel from Germany.

Video: 'Nuke-Capable' Stealth Submarine Sets Sail for Israel

Israel to Receive Fourth 'Dolphin' Submarine

State of the art vessel, the most expensive piece of hardware in the IDF's arsenal, will significantly boost Israel's naval capabilities.

Israel to Receive Fourth 'Dolphin-Class' Advanced Submarine

Report: Israel Struck in Syria from the Sea

An Israeli submarine attacked an arms depot in Latakia last week, according to intelligence sources.

Report: Israel Struck in Syria from the Sea

Israel’s German Subs Carry Nukes, Says Der Spiegel

Israel’s has deployed missiles with nuclear warheads on three submarines purchased from Germany, Der Spiegel reports.

Israel’s German Submarines Carry Nukes, says Der Spiegel

IDF Launches New Submarine in Germany

Israel's fourth Dolphin-class submarine -- able to dive longer and go faster -- was launched from a German shipyard on Thursday.

IDF Launches New Submarine, a Possible Second Strike Weapon

Germany to Sell Israel Another Dolphin Sub

Germany will sell Israel a fourth Dolphin-class submarine and will finance a third of its costs, reports said Wednesday.

Another Rumor of War? Germany to Sell Israel Another Dolphin Sub

Discount on Submarine

Der Spiegel: Germany subsidizing Dolphin deal with 135 million euro. Submarine capable of launching nuclear-armed ballistic missiles.

Germany Gives Israel Discount on Sixth Submarine

Israel's Dolphins Threatened

Researchers at the University of Haifa have determined that extensive commercial fishing is endangering the dolphins of the Mediterranean Sea.

Study: Commercial Fishing Endangers Israel's Dolphins

Israeli Sub Sails in Suez Canal

Defense sources confirmed that an Israeli submarine sailed through the Suez Canal on the way to exercises in the Persian Gulf as a warning to Iran.

Israeli Sub Sails Through Suez Canal, Sending Warning to Iran