Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Flash90

After posting a commitment never to hand over eastern Jerusalem to Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett kept slugging away at Abbas Thursday evening, in a toast to Jewish Home activists in central Israel.

“We are now at a pretty dramatic hour in the diplomatic field,” Bennett said. “Two weeks ago, Abu Mazen said – 'I will never agree to talk about recognition of Israel as a Jewish state,'” he reminded his audience.

"Many people say – 'What does it matter? Do I need him to define me?' Of course we don't need him to define us,” Bennett explained. “He doesn't define anything. But the meaning is that first he wants the state of Palestine in one pocket, and then he wants to signal that he is the lord and leader of the Arab citizens of Israel, and then begins the struggle for 'little Israel' inside the Green Line.”

Abbas has developed a way of getting what he wants, Bennett added. He says: “If you don't give me things, I will stop talking to you; I will go to the UN.

"From here we say: go to the UN – I will buy you a plane ticket. But what will make things difficult for you at the UN is a personal lawsuit for war crimes.

“Abu Mazen finances terrorist activity from Gaza every month, with money from PA taxes,” Bennett charged. “He finances pensions for Palestinian murderers. He talks about going to the Hague [court]. A man who has terrorist butter on his head should not go out in 100-degree weather, because it will explode in his face.

"Right now we are working to create a package and a coalition of actions and organizations, so that if [Abbas's UN] bid is not cancelled, on top of all of the sanctions, in the international field, too, the entire PA leadership will be in Israel's international, legal and diplomatic crosshairs.”

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