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A powerful explosion occurred late Sunday night, shaking the Syrian city of Latakia. The social networks in Syria were rife with reports that "Zionist fighter planes attacked the weapons storage facilities in the city's port," adding that "stocks of S-300 missiles were struck."

Syrian opposition forces confirmed the explosion, while Israeli security sources declined to comment. Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime denied reports of the explosion or of an attack.

The IDF reportedly struck Latakia late last October, apparently taking out Russian S-125 missiles that were being upgraded. The missiles had the potential to be updated further to the more advanced S-300 system.

Earlier reports surfaced in Lebanon of "active movement between Baalbek and the Lebanese valley," although the reports remain unconfirmed by official sources.

There have been mixed reports about the S-300 system in Syria, with information last September indicating Russia was speeding up its transfer of S-300 advanced missile systems to the war-torn nation.