Israeli F-16
Israeli F-16 Israel news photo: Flash 90

IDF forces have found the “black box” of an F-16 fighter jet that crashed off the coast of Gaza two weeks ago. The box was found Friday, but a gag order was put on the discovery until Sunday morning.

It was located on the ocean floor near the crash site.

The Air Force continues to investigate the cause of the crash. F-15 and F-16 flights were temporarily suspended as investigators worked to determine why the jet’s engine failed.

The crew of the downed jet – a pilot and navigator – were ejected safely and were rescued from the waters of the Mediterranean. They were taken to a hospital in good condition.

A senior IAF source noted, “This is the first time that an F-15 or F-16, both of which have the same engine, has crashed as a result of engine failure in mid-air.”

“The odds of finding the engine in the ocean are very slim,” he continued. “But we will try to gather the pieces that remained floating, and will hope that they help us in investigating the incident.”

The American manufacturers of the engine are to take part in an investigation of the crash, he added.