Arrest at Kalandia (archives)
Arrest at Kalandia (archives) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Border Police prevented a large-scale terrorist attack Tuesday by nabbing a Palestinian Authority terrorist with eight pipe bombs at the Kalandia checkpoint on the northern edge of Jerusalem, near Pisgat Ze’ev.

The pipe bombs were fully assembled and ready for use against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The 20-year-old terrorist was turned over to police for further investigation.

Border Police discovered the explosives during a routine check of the terrorist after he stepped out of the vehicle to cross into Jerusalem.

The crossing was closed while sappers neutralized the explosives, and traffic was backed up on Highway 60 towards Beit El, Ofra and other Jewish communities in northern Samaria.

Earlier in the day, terrorists in Gaza set off a bomb that was hidden on the Gaza patrol route, seriously wounding an IDF officer. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) claimed its terrorists were behind the blast in Gaza, which is under the control of Hamas.

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