Apache helicopter
Apache helicopter Israel news photo: IDF

An Air Force Apache helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing near Netanya Wednesday morning. No one was injured.

The chopper landed on the helicopter pad at the Laniado Hospital in  Netanya, located on the Mediterranean Coast north of Tel Aviv.

Military officers are investigating the cause of the emergency, but they said it was due to a technical malfunction and not an onboard error by the crew.

An initial probe indicated that the pilot noticed the malfunction in the aircraft’s computerized warning system, and he guided the helicopter to the nearest safe landing point site.

Repair crews arrived immediately.

It was the second incident since two weeks ago, when the Air Force grounded its entire transport fleet after a malfunction forced a CH Sikorsky "Yasur" helicopter to execute an emergency landing near the Tel Nof base in metropolitan Tel Aviv. No one was injured.

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