Illegal outpost
Illegal outpost Regavim

While state attorneys continue to debate the fate of Migron, Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority build illegally with no consequences, the Regavim movement charges.

The movement filed suit in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, calling to demolish an illegal PA outpost next to the Israeli town of Pnei Hever in the Hevron Hills.

The outpost was built in Area C – territory which, under the Oslo Accords, is under Israeli administration. However, it was built without planning or permits.

Regavim noted in the suit that the illegal buildings have been put up in a particularly bad location. Their presence adjacent to the access road to an Israeli town, and extremely close to an IDF position, mean they could be used as a launching point for terrorist attacks, the suit says.

“The buildings are not populated and pose a security threat,” argued Attorney Boaz Arzi. “They should be a top priority when it comes to enforcement activity, including demolition.”

Arzi cited past precedent regarding Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria, and requested that the court enforce the law equally on Arab construction.